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Demanding manufacturing processes faced with extreme environmental or stringent liability challenges need conveyor systems that can meet high standards of performance and reliability. If you’re a discrete or process manufacturer operating in a tough production environment, upgrading your conveyor systems with high performance plastic conveyor components can help you avoid a serious loss of time and money and reduce the risk of liabilities and product recalls.

Two categories of performance enhancing UHMW-PE conveyor components are:


BluLub™Ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene
Developed specifically for extreme manufacturing environments that subject conveyor systems to high wear, speed and loads as well as additional elements such as harsh cleaning agents, this high performance UHMW plastic provides greater safety and reliability than conventional plastic conveyor components.

Key benefits include:

  • Very low wear of both belt and slide plates
  • 75% COF reduction compared to natural UHMW-PE
  • Built-in dry lubricant
  • PV value more than twice Nylatron GSM/NSM
  • FDA compliant
  • Enhance noise reduction

Metal-detectable plastic compounds
Ideal for high-liability process manufacturing environments such as food processing and pharmaceuticals, metal-detectable UHMW components can replace your existing plastic components — including chain guides, wear strips, belt guides, and other parts–  to help avoid costly product contamination and damaging recalls.

Benefits of using metal-detectable plastic conveyor components:

  • Improved impact resistance for less breakage
  • Enhanced small metal parts detection
  • Improved safety through use of FDA-compliant compounds approved for food contact
  • Reduced financial and brand risk due to contamination or recall
  • Improved productivity resulting from less downtime

Some high performance metal-detectable UHMW plastic conveyor components also offer X-ray detectable capabilities for scanning packaged goods for a variety of contaminants, including ones based on material density.

Current metal detectable plastic materials include:

  • Acetal (also X-ray detectable)
  • UHMW
  • Nylon (also X-ray detectable)
  • PEEK

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