5 Reasons Slideways Works for OEMs with In-House Machining

Mar 4, 2024 11:16:00 AM / by Slideways, Inc. posted in industry, machined, conveyor systems, plastic supplier, custom plastic fabrication, News


Slideways is a valuable partner even for those OEMs with in-house machining capabilities.

Many of our customers have extensive machine shops. So why is Slideways machining their plastic parts? It’s a few things that add up to a better solution for our customers.

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Selecting the Right Plastic Material: Impact Strength

Oct 25, 2015 10:49:00 AM / by Slideways, Inc. posted in plastic, impact strength, plastic supplier


Sprockets1Unlike metals or ceramics, plastics are viscoelastic materials – that is, they respond to stress as if they’re a combination of a viscous fluid and a plastic solid. In other words, while plastics have solid-related characteristics such as stability of form, strength — and, yes, elasticity — they also possess fluid-like properties such as flow, which can be affected by temperature, rate, and time as well as the amount of loading.

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