Custom Plastic Conveyor Rollers for Any Application

Aug 18, 2017 1:50:00 PM / by Slideways, Inc.

custom plastic conveyor rollersHow “custom” is a custom roller? At Slideways, the short answer is “as custom as you need it.”

We have extensive experience in manufacturing all kinds of conveyor system rollers in a wide range of materials (not just plastic). Our plastic conveyor rollers suit any number of applications, including unit material handling systems, food processing equipment, and conveyor chain and belt returns.

Custom conveyor rollers for your unique applications

Our engineers can help you determine just the right roller solution to fit your specific need. Our custom and semi-custom rollers all come with the benefits of our high-quality plastic bearings, including quiet performance, minimal maintenance, washdown resistance, and self-lubrication.

Plastic conveyor rollers

Plastic conveyor rollers work better than their metal counterparts. Conveyor rollers are part of the conveyor belt and help move items in the factory. They're essential to how smoothly your conveyor system works. When you use a plastic roller, you get rollers that are quieter than metal rollers, absorb shocks and vibrations better, reduce wear on the track, and roll faster (or more efficiently) due to less friction.

Does your conveyor system need to meet FDA or other regulatory compliance standards? We can manufacture custom rollers with tubing made from plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel, and other materials; bearings in UHMW, nylon plastic, and steel; and shafting in carbon steel, stainless steel, as well as stub shafts.

In fact, we can supply conveyor rollers with a variety of sprockets, custom shafts, special tubing material, and many other specialty components. All we need for most standard conveyor systems is the between-frame dimension, measured from inside the frame to inside the frame, the conveyor roller diameter, and the roller axle size.

Custom conveyor rollers from Slideways can be a cost-efficient solution that provides extra life and improved efficiency to your conveyor system. Custom design options can include:

  • Spring-loaded shafts
  • Cotter pinholes in shafts
  • Threaded ends on shafts
  • Grooves for drive belts on the rollers
  • Sprocket drive ends

To learn more about the many benefits of high-quality, precision-engineered custom rollers from Slideways, contact our custom conveyor rollers experts today. If you have a specific interest in plastic conveyor rollers, we'll be delighted to show you how this lightweight, less expensive, and easy-to-maintain option is ideal for your application.

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