Exhibiting Vital Conveyor Components at PackExpo 2021

Aug 19, 2021 3:36:21 PM / by Slideways, Inc.

Exhibiting Conveyor Components at PackExpo 2021

Slideways will be exhibiting at PackExpo 2021 in Las Vegas on September 27-29. The Slideways booth will feature a full range of UHMW extruded profiles and guide rails in addition to other materials that meet FDA, USDA, and pharmaceutical requirements. Examples of Slideways’ custom CNC machining capability of plastic materials will also be on display.

Measuring Curves Flat Top Chains

In addition, we will be conducting live demonstrations and a video tutorial on how to measure conveyor curves for retrofit or repair with SlideTrax® plastic chain tracks, which can save time and money on maintenance, and maximize throughput.

Slideways will also display its extensive range of unique and proven solutions for mechanical wear, conveying, and packaging applications in standard offerings and custom designs

For those who are looking to attend, we'll be located on Booth #C 3704. To get a free pass to attend PackExpo, go to the registration page and enter 87R18 at the checkout page. 

To read the full press release visit the Packaging World website

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